Drivers Training Video's
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Video 1: Jason's intoructory motivational video


Video 2: Getting started


Video 3: Being worked like a dog

In this video you can see what a wonderful specimen of an employee you could become with this award winning motivational speech. You will learn the basics of the job in this video. You will now learn how to, fetch papers and jump through hoops in this jolly good film.
Video 4: What they didnt tell you in the job interview Video 5: How to survive Video 6: Graduation
Our moto is: "If something goes wrong we'll sort it out in a professional manner" [Translation]: If something goes wrong keep blaming something else untill others believe you. More stuff like this in this epic video. This video will show you what to do if you find that all your fellow employees have phoned in sick (hangovers) and you have to face the phones alone. Congratulations thats it you've made it through this intense (boring) set of training videos, here is you're prize another video.