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Special Features


Don't be left waiting out in the cold Call Tameside Taxis and order your taxi Your taxi is on it’s way” When your taxi arrives, we'll call your phone. “Come outside, your taxi is here ”
Safety Checks
All our drivers have passed an enhanced CRB check.  In addition we maintain a system of checks to show that our drivers and vehicles have valid current licences and insurance.  Our vehicles have more stringent MOT's than normal vehicles, and have them twice a year.  Our monitoring system is independently audited every year.
Satellite Tracking System
Using our Satellite Tracking System we can monitor all of our Taxi's and tell you exactly where your Taxi is if you ever need to know.
(Actual image of Satellite Tracking System used by Radio Cars)
Interactive Voice Response
Using our "Interactive Voice Response" system you can get your call answered and your Taxi on it's way in seconds, but don't worry if you're not in a rush and prefer the personal touch you can always talk to our staff.
Sorry you can only use IVR to book cars for immediate despatch
Talk to an operator

Address Notes
If your house is hard to find why not tell us about it.  We will add a permanent note to our drivers so they will always know, without you ever needing to tell us again.  Just send us a brief email with the subject "Address Notes" to

Preferred Vehicle
If you require a particular type of vehicle then let us know.  We can put a permanent note against your address, so we will only send you that type of vehicle. Send us an email with your address and the subject "preferred vehicle" to
"Hello this is Mrs Smith"
"Your Saloon Car will be with you soon Mrs Smith"
Regular Taxi Bookings
If you have regular taxis to the same places, we can schedule them so you never need call.  We can even include your holidays so we won't come when you're away.  Even better we can fix the fare so it is always the same, and add a discount for off peak times.
(Actual image of Booking System used by Radio Cars)
Many of our taxis use LPG Autogas and environmently friendly fuels.  We measure our C02 emissions for every mile we travel so we can continue to cut it down.