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Taxi Accounts

Audited Prices

Every single taxi journey undertaken by our drivers is passed to our accounts team where the price is audited and verified.


Taxi Journey Records

All journeys are recorded in minute detail for safety and auditing purposes.  This includes the times you booked, boarded and departed your taxi to the exact second. The precise route the driver took, and the speed he drove.

(Actual image of Journey Recording System and Satellite Tracking System used by Radio Cars)

Multi Charging Options

We can charge by Time, Distance, Set Fare, Number of Passengers or any other way you can think of.  We can even invoice for taxis that are partly paid in cash by the customer and partly paid by the account holder.


Book Taxis Online

You can book online and even track your taxi by Satellite positioning.

(Actual image of Online Vehicle Tracking System used by Radio Cabs)


All our Accounts are locked by as many security features as you require.  Customers often choose PIN number protection, Restricted Authorized User Lists and Purchase Order Numbers to control their taxi account use.


Emailed Invoices

We prefer to be green and waste free.  We can email your invoices, statements and copies for immediate delivery to your inbox.  If the boss insists we can still provide a paper copy though.